Music and Minds

People all around the world enjoy active music making, from infants to the elderly. Music is a universally enjoyable experience that not only captivates us, research is now showing that participation in music-based experiences can help re-wire our brains in ways that result in a higher quality of life.

Music Therapists are experts in the field of music-based therapy. A Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) is a credentialed healthcare professional who custom designs interventions for therapeutic purposes. Music therapists visit clients in schools, retirement communities, day-care facilities, and homes.

Why is music good for your mind?

Researches tell us that music accesses more parts of our minds than just about any other experience. That’s right! Music lights up our brains in more ways than just about anything else we do, which is why it’s the perfect medium for maintaining and restoring function.

Playing music requires that we use more of our executive function, the part of our brains involved in complex tasks. But music also connects to our emotions and reward centers in our brains, which is why it works so well to motivate us to achieve and stay engaged in a music-based experience.

We know that the more we can stimulate our minds and stay active, the more capable we will be as we get older. The emotional component of music is unmatched in other types of therapies and it’s what makes music therapy a popular service among older adults and children alike.

To find out more about the many ways music therapy can help  you or your loved ones, visit other pages on this site and then visit the American Music Therapy Association website.


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