About Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an allied health profession with over 60 years of evidence-based practice. Music Therapists are trained healthcare professionals who work with a wide variety of populations to reach therapeutic goals through music-based experiences. Watch the below video to find out more about music therapy as seen through the eyes of Staff and Administration at an Adult Daycare facility.


A music therapist uses music-based experiences to reach the same goals as other therapists. Those include physical, cognitive, emotional, psycho-social, and spiritual goals.

Music therapist are sometimes mistaken for entertainers, therapeutic musicians and music teachers, especially in settings where staff are unfamiliar with music therapy. The fact is, music therapy is a type of healthcare service where the therapist uses music-based experiences to help reach the client’s non-musical goals.

The goal of a music teacher is to help someone learn how to play and appreciate music.

The goal of therapeutic music making is to help someone relax and feel at ease.

The goal of an entertainer is to amuse and possibly distract someone from their current state.

A music therapist prescribes certain experiences because they will help the client improve or maintain his/her general functioning and quality of life. It may look like entertainment or music lessons, but it’s actually a unique form of therapy.

A music therapist received a college degree, completes a 1200-hour clinical internship, and passes a certification exam. The designation for music therapists is MT-BC (Music Therapist, Board-Certified).

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