We’re often asked: “What do people do in music therapy sessions?”

The fact is, no two sessions are ever alike, because no two clients are alike. What we do depends on what our clients need. Some of the types of experiences we use during a session include:

  • Singing familiar songs.
  • Playing instruments (drums, chimes, ukulele, etc.).
  • Using music to express thoughts and emotions.
  • Writing songs, with the help of the therapist.
  • Moving to music (learning dances and moving freely).
  • Creating stories, poems, drawings, and other forms of art.

We often engage clients in several type of experiences within a single session. Like the treatment of a medical patient, the treatment of music therapy clients is dynamic and flexible, determined by the client’s treatment plan, the in-the-moment needs of the client, and the expertise of the music therapist.

If you have something specific in mind that you don’t see listed here, simply contact us to set up a consultation. We’re happy to explore your ideas to help you help your clients.