Traumatic Brain Injury


Clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), can benefit in a number of ways from participating in music therapy treatment. Main areas of focus for the music therapist include; helping to improve motor skills and overall physical coordination. The playing of various instruments provide clients with myriad opportunities and challenges for the development of gross and fine motor skills, including breath support, vocalization and verbalization. Singing helps develop lung capacity, encourages good posture, and reinforces communication skills. The cognitive requirements of playing music, singing, and moving to music help develop the brain and make new neural connections. Numerous studies show the benefits of participation in musical experiences with regard to brain development. Sessions designed and conducted by a board-certified music therapist provide the greatest potential for TBI patients within both individual and group sessions. Some goal
areas for TBI patients in music therapy treatment include:

  • Improving overall physical functioning.
  • Increasing vocalization and verbalization.
  • Socializing and adaptive behaviors.
  • Providing opportunities for creativity & socializing.
  • Developing skills for daily living.
  • Providing opportunities for family bonding.

We have experience in designing and conducting individual and group sessions for clients with traumatic brain injuries. We’re happy to consult with you to create a treatment program that suits the needs of your institution and your clients. Contact us to discuss your needs.